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Welcome..   to the   Canadian Tai Chi Academy !!

Canadian Tai Chi Academy

The Canadian Tai Chi Academy teaches 108-move Tai Chi,
a style developed by Master Moy Lin-Shin (1931-1998).
He modified the traditional Yang Style 108-move Tai Chi set
to maximize the health benefits for faster health improvement,
as he realized that in a modern society,
an exercise that was good for health
was more important than a martial art for fighting.

The Canadian Tai Chi Academy runs classes across Canada.
Check our Classes section for detailed information.

In Honour of Leung Tze Pang 40th Anniversary

Leung Tze Pang brought the internal art of lok hup ba fa, the six combinations, eight methods spirit and mind boxing to so many students.

Moy Lin-Shin studied with Mr. Leung for several years, until Mr. Leung's death in 1974. The power and knowledge built into this set of movements offers keys to understanding internal movement and the resultant health benefits that accrue from its study.
In honour and respect for the memory of Mr. Leung and Mr. Moy, the Canadian Tai Chi Academy is conducting a number of events in 2014 to enhance the learning of Lok Hup Ba Fa, - the "Cadillac" of internal arts.

News and Events

New Locations

Smith Falls, Ontario
St-Hubert, Quebec
Goderich, Ontario
Lansdowne, Ontario
Newmarket, Ontario

New Beginner Classes

Smith Falls
Starts May 4, 2015
Smith Falls, Ontario

Starts May 11, 2015
Canmore, Alberta

Starts June 10, 2015
Newmarket, Ontario


May 9, 2015
Sechelt, BC

June 13-14, 2015
Cochrane, Alberta

June 20-21, 2015
Kelowna, BC

Port Dover
National Workshop East
September 12-13, 2015
Port Dover, Ontario

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