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Moy corrects Tor Yu

1975 Mr. Moy demonstrates his tai chi
    Note how this differs from the 1988 version where Mr. Moy is acting to demonstrate how we should be doing the set.

Leung Tse Peng (Mr. Moy's teacher) demonstrates form of Dan Yu and Tor Yu

Leung Tse Peng demonstrates tai chi set

Leung Tse Peng demonstrates Lok Hup set

Leung Tse Peng (later years ) demonstrates full Lok Hup set

Wu Yi Hui (teacher of Leung Tse Peng) Pics of Lok Hup Set

Sun Dit (student of Leung and peer of Mr. Moy) demonstrates Lok Hup

Fong Pak Shing (also student of Leung Tse Peng) Lok Hup

Fong Pak Shing tai chi (check out the flow of movement)

Free form chi kung sample (similar to what Mr. Yeung taught Moy Lin Shin & others
    This is generated from going with sensation inside the body.

Here's another one with further examples
    More on this at some later date!